As Assistant State Superintendent for the Division of Career and College Readiness, I am pleased to present this 2012 Maryland Career and Technology Education (CTE) Report Card with detailed information on the performance of the state and its 24 school systems.  The information is designed to help measure the progress the State, its school systems and community colleges are making toward improving achievement for CTE students.

The data included in the CTE report card measures the performance of school systems and CTE programs of study against specific annual targets required by the federal Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006.  Maryland has set high academic and technical achievement standards and annual goals to ensure that all CTE students are prepared for college and careers. 

I encourage you to take time to review the data in the 2012 report.  We are all stakeholders in Maryland schools, dedicated to providing the best education for every student in the state.  Working together, we can make it happen!"

Katharine M. Oliver

The MDCTEDATA.ORG is a collection of data compiled on an annual basis to provide information on Career and Technology Education programs to all education stakeholders; provide information to support school improvement efforts; and to provide accountability at the state, school system and school level for reporting educational progress.